Tradition and Passion

We can sum up this sector with two words that complement one another perfectly: tradition and passion.

In fact, we have always dealt in antique prints as they are particularly enjoyable to work with. Uncles and grandfathers were all passionate antique print collectors despite not having any particular expertise. Francesco Pettinaroli, who runs the family shop today, developed an almost compulsive passion and is specialised in three specific sectors: cartography, Milanese landscapes and Mountains.

When you have a map in your hand that dates back to the 16th century, you can’t help but stop to think about the care and precision with which certain geographical surveys were carried out five centuries ago: the colours, decorative cartouches and paper used all exude charm and suggestion.

In fact, this cultural phenomenon concerning antique cartography has recently gained further acknowledgment and has seen great development; so much so that today there are countless sector enthusiasts the world over.

The same can be said for landscapes of our city: Milan.

In this case, we are talking about a genuine field of study; from the prints, it is possible to go back in time to explore urban development throughout the centuries: buildings, conditions, images of everyday life and customs that no longer exist today and that we had previously only read about can, through the landscapes, be admired, better understood and forever preserved in our memory.

Mountains have been a personal passion for Francesco since his childhood; his knowledge and love of climbing led him to begin researching prints, antique photographs and guides that cover the geography of the entire Alpine region.

With such passion, we can say that the excitement when discovering, locating and finally purchasing certain ‘pieces’ is often more satisfying for Francesco than the sale itself.