Souvenirs de la Savoie

Author: A. Deroy
Date: 1855
Technique: Lithography
Size: In octavo oblong
Condition: Ligation in percale green


At the time when the traditional postcard had not yet become a promotional means, prints made with various engraving techniques were used to advertise the most important tourist destinations in the Alps. The so-called “souvenirs” – booklets that contained engraved prints by various authors aiming at promoting the Alpine region – were bestsellers in the 19th century. Charming album of views containing 24 period colour lithographic prints by A. Deroy. All prints are 180 x 145 mm, with the exception of the last one representing Mont Blanc, which is double size. The pictures represent, among others, Chamonix, Sixt, Aix Les Bains, Thonon and Mont Blanc.